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Solar photovoltaic, is the process of converting energy from the light into direct current electricity (DC), using semi conductive materials, namely solar panels made of crystalline cells and an Inverter.
After conversion of the energy to DC power, the electricity you have produced will contribute to the operation of electrical appliances and lighting in your property, and in some cases, even operate the entire house.

Fully Installed Solutions

The Solar PV market is very competitive nationally and there is the risk of becoming another installation statistic for nationwide sales targets. Based on this, our company believe that each customer should be treated on a ‘one to one’ basis in order to ensure that their investment made into Solar PV is right for each individual circumstance. Our company will deal with all installations in a professional and friendly manner, and we will complete your install from the very first enquiry right through to the completion and commissioning of the install.

So.. What are the benefits?

Solar PV not only brings financial benefits, but also environmental benefits by producing ‘Green energy’, and can increase the value of your house together with adding a desirable selling point.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical home PV system could save around 1200 kg of CO2 per year – which over a lifetime could add up to around 30 tonnes!

In terms of lowering your carbon footprint there is no better choice!

Financially there are three ways of making a return on your investment, which are:

1) Free electricity, therefore lower electricity bills by up to 50%;

2) Feed In Tariff for kW hours produced, which are government backed, indexed linked and guaranteed;

3) Selling of unused electricity produced back to the grid.

Other benefits of Solar PV include:

– Sustainable energy consumption

– Energy storage options

– Low maintenance costs

– Protection against forever rising energy costs

– 20 year system life

– Free hot water for immersion heaters

Some other things to Consider

Is Solar PV Right for your Property? Most homes are suitable for the installation of Solar PV and our systems can be installed on all kinds of roof types, shapes and sizes. We will endeavour to find the best solution for your property!

Does your roof face south?

The most ideal position of roof is that facing 180 degrees south. However, this does not mean that you cannot have solar PV; it just means that the amount of production may be reduced slightly.

We can even install the panels on a West/East Split, therefore you will benefit from the suns path greater.

Does your roof have the correct pitch?

The optimum pitch of roof for solar PV is that of 38 degrees. However, if your roof is between 30 and 50 degrees, solar PV will still be viable to install. If you have a flat roof, we can mount the PV modules on frames, to give them the angle required. 

Ground Mount Systems

Should you require Solar PV, but do not want it to be installed on your roof, we can install a ground mount system. This is done exactly the same way as a roof mounted system, however is mounted on a frame and wired to the relevant building.


The chosen location of your PV array will ideally have little or no shading caused by trees, buildings or other structures. The more shading produced over the modules, the less effective they will be.


It is important that your roof is structurally sound, in order to take the additional weight of the panels. Our company carry out a full structural survey, which will highlight any areas that require reinforcement, if any. The report is put within your final handover pack for your future reference.

Roof obstructions

Any roof obstructions i.e. chimneys, dormer windows etc, will all affect the space available for the installation of the solar array. These items will be taken into consideration when a technical survey is carried out, and the system size will be calculated accordingly based on roof space. 

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